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We are not willing to take any chances with the health and safety of our patients. Due to this very reason, all state of the art facilities is available at Jain Dental Hospital. All the instruments used by our team are fully sterilized by autoclave, UV chambers and chemical sterilization methods to make sure that there is no possibility of cross infection.Usage of disposables is encouraged. All the rooms in the clinic are disinfected on a regular basis to ensure that there is no chance of microbes to survive here. Our commitment to quality asserts us to carry out rigorous measures to combat any kind of infection and ensure complete safety.We take pride in the high standards of hygiene we maintain in the clinic.

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We are here to gift you that everlasting smile, trust us!

philosophy of care…

We understand that every patient is an individual and each case is different so our qualified team always strives to provide treatment that best suits each patient’s specific needs. We will do everything to ensure you are treated with care and respect in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

When planning your treatment we recommend exactly the same treatment we would recommend for our family and friends and treat you as we would want to be treated.

We recommend preventive therapy…

The majority of dental problems, like decay and gum disease, are preventable and we place the strong emphasis on teaching the skills to achieve and maintain good oral health. This can impact your whole body as there are many links between oral health and general health.

Commitment to our profession…

Dentistry is a rapidly evolving field, with constant research and development into new materials, equipment and techniques. We are committed to continuing professional development to keep updated with the latest information and improve our level of service to our patients.